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Saturday, October 31, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: BBE Guitar Pedals

The only thing wrong with this demo is the use of a Strat! Just kidding. Check out some great pedals HERE!

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Friday, October 30, 2009

1959 Fender Bassman Amp Demo

One of my favorite amps of all time. Not a bad demo at all.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Boss SL-20 Slicer

Once I heard about this pedal I was instantly hooked. At the time I was working on an original music rock project and wanted to use it for some great synth type sounds. I was immediately impressed. Although there are some limitations rhythmically I think the ways in which you can shape and slice the sound make this well worth the price. Now if you will excuse me I'll be recording my post-modern 80's album now. - Aljon

Inject a shot of high-octane fuel into your music with the SL-20 Slicer. Instantly transform a guitar, bass, keyboard, or vocal into a pulsating groove instrument. Choose from 50 onboard Slice patterns or experiment with the SL-20’s innovative Harmonic Slicer feature, which generates percussive melodies, Loop Record, and unique 3D Panning.

Instant groove and percussive-melody generator
50 Slice patterns onboard, with adjustable attack and duration, including Harmonic Slice
Tap Tempo via onboard pedal switch; internal and MIDI sync
Sound characteristics such as attack, duration, effect level, and direct level are controllable via external Expression pedal (sold separately)
Variety of output modes, including the unique 3D Panning for spacious sliced FX

Street Price $218.95

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Zvex Nano All Tube Guitar Amp

Bravo! Your looking at the world's smallest production tube amp, the Nano Head by Z.Vex Amps. This little marvel is a one-half watt (distorted) powerhouse that will surprise you with its apparent volume. Plug it into a 4X12 (or any 8 to 16 ohm speaker) and listen to it roar! This amp is voiced to deliver classic rock tone, with a very high level of crunch available if it's wanted. Just crank the volume knob around to the level of distortion you desire, from a very quiet (one tenth watt) clean mode to a micro-Marshall (TM) blast when cranked up. I am making myself a little ill (gag!) trying to describe the tone of my Nano, using the same tired old phrases that all the amp and distortion box makers use, but I think it's true... it does a great job of emulating big amps at very reasonable volumes, which makes it exceptionally nice for recording.

Street Price $500

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

JC-120 Roland Jazz Chorus Amp

Johnny DeMarco and Gary Lenaire Show you the Amazing Powers of the Legendary Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120. This amp was one of the very first "pro" amps I ever played through growing up. I fell in love with all the effects and the clean sound. The chorus was amazing as you would expect. I'm saving my pennies just so I can get this amp, perhaps one day.

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ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Way Huge Pork Loin

Jeorge Tripps and Tal Morris run through the inside and out of the new Pork Loin Soft-Clip-Injection Overdrive from Way Huge Electronics and Dunlop Manufacturing.

The Pork Loin Overdrive Guitar Pedal incorporates 2 distinct tonal pathways that are blended together a modern soft clipping overdrive and a modified classic British preamp for clean. At the heart of the Pork Loin's overdrive path is a soft clipped BiFET overdrive gain stage with a passive Tone control, rounded out by a Curve function that gives the user freedom to fine-tune corner frequencies. The Volume control regulates the masses of pork power that exude from its space age circuitry, leaving room for the Clean control to blend in its warm glistening clean tones. Additionally, the Pork Loin has three internal mini controls: Filter and Voice deliver extensive tonal shaping possibilities, while the overdrive Mix control allows the Pork Loin to be run as a clean preamp. With a wide range of dynamic tones from supple and clear to warm and punchy, the Pork Loin's outstanding features make it one extremely in-demand guitar effect pedal on the market today.

The Pork Loin Soft Clip Injection Overdrive Pedal Features:

Heavy-Duty footswitch
True bypass
Blue LED indicator
2.1mm power jack with AC protection
Easy access battery door
Aluminum anodized chassis
Cliff jacks
Military spec Teflon wire

Street Price $169

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Seymour Duncan SFX-08 Power Grid distortion

The Seymour Duncan SFX-08 Power Grid distortion pedal gives you the overdrive and distortion you want, the control you need, and the power you crave! The SFX-08 Power Grid includes five stages of Class A discrete circuitry, cascaded to give you almost 100dB of gain. It's contained by a comprehensive gain and volume control system, allowing you to dial in an array of impressive OD and distortion tones. An onboard 3-band EQ gives you even more tweaking options, whith 12dB of boost or cut on each band. Put the power of amazing crunch tones at your command with the SFX-08 Power Grid!

Seymour Duncan SFX-08 Power Grid Distortion Pedal Features:
Gain range: 0-97dB
Input impedance: 100KOhm
Output impedance: 25KOhm
Max output before saturation: 2.6Vrms
S/N ratio: 120dB referred to the input with 20KOhm source impedance
THD @ 1Vrms out @ 1KHz with 60dB of gain: 0.12%
Type of circuitry: Discrete, Class A Bi-polar transistor
Power: DC 9 - 12V; battery or regulated DC adapter
Current consumption: 4.5 mA Max
Dimensions: 5.50" W x 5.20" D x 2.20" H
Weight: 1.9 lbs
Chassis material: 16 gauge steel

Street Price $99.95

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Mad Professor Old School 21 Amp Demo

Guitarist Bobby DeVito demos the new Mad Professor Old School amp and some pedals at Summer NAMM 2009. I love the new amp! It delivers great tone and crunch without weighing a ton. Bobby also demos some pedals including one of my favorite MP pedals the Sky Blue Overdrive. It is by far one my my favorite overdrives due to it's rich harmonic content and singing sustain! Check them out if you ever get a chance!


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Monday, October 26, 2009

Taylor's Baby Taylor

Once a talented, aspiring preteen with a Taylor guitar and big musical dreams, country pop superstar Taylor Swift has made her mark on the music industry. After spending much of 2009 on her first headlining tour and celebrating the milestone success of 10 million total albums sold and over 20 million paid downloads, Swift is now adding to her repertoire as a singer, songwriter and actress with her very own signature guitar. In collaboration, Taylor Guitars and Taylor Swift announce the arrival of the Taylor Swift Baby Taylor guitar (TSBT), a model that is sure to inspire players of all skill levels with its compact size, full-voiced tone and a top that features Swift’s design touches.

Based on the best-selling Baby Taylor guitar, the TSBT is ideal for both promising players and accomplished pickers. At three-quarters the size of a standard dreadnought, with a slim 1 11/16-inch neck and a comfortably compact shape, the guitar is just right for both the littlest player’s hands and anyone who likes to pick up and play on the go. With the new model, Swift hopes to inspire others to express themselves through music. “I wanted to share my passion for playing guitar with my fans,” she says. “For a beginner, finding the right guitar can be intimidating, but this guitar, it’s the perfect size. Even if you’ve been playing for years, it’s a great size to travel with.”


Twitter @aljonrocks - Announcing 2010 North America Tour Dates

U2 360° TOUR 2010 North American Dates

6-June Anaheim, CA
On sale soon

12-June Denver, CO
On sale Nov. 6

16-June Oakland, CA
Presale opens Oct. 27th
On sale Nov. 2

20-June Seattle, WA
On sale soon

23-June Edmonton, AB
Presale opens Oct. 27th
On sale Nov. 2

30-June East Lansing, MI
On sale soon

03-July Toronto, ON
Presale opens Oct 27th
On sale Nov. 2

06-July Chicago, IL
On sale soon

09-July Miami, FL
On sale soon

12-July Philadelphia, PA
On sale soon

16-July Montreal, QC
On sale soon

19-July New York
On sale soon


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'62 Epiphone Coronet & '66 Marshall Bluesbreaker Demo

Very cool stuff indeed!

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ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: The Chicago Iron Pedal Flanger

Known as one of the rarest vintage pedals ever made. Not very many people have had the pleasure of playing one. The 1970's Tycobrahe Pedalflanger was the first flanger pedal ever made for guitar. The original Tycobrahe Pedalflanger pedal sold for $220 in 1977. Have you ever played one? Chicago Iron has spent the time (years) and effort to refine this design to the highest degree possible. We think you'll like what we have done with this rare and useful vintage tool. The Chicago Iron Tycobrahe Pedalflanger allows you to create a vivid soundscape with widely adjustable chorus, vibe, leslie, flange and a multitude of extra sounds from liquid lush to sci-fi alien. Can be used in both Auto Mode and Manual Mode on the fly. Very human like in it's expression. A true "keeper" effect pedal. Comes complete with the original Tycobrahe style art, knobs and wood "crate" stash box.

Street Price $549.95

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Ibanez TS808HW Hand Wired Tube Screamer

The Ibanez TS808HW Hand Wired Tube Screamer is an all point to point screamer wired with Mogami cable. Extremely limited run means these won't last. Get the real deal, the Ibanez TS808HW Hand Wired Tube Screamer.

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Guitar Edge December 2009 Digital Issue

The latest issue of Guitar Edge Magazine is out now. Sign up and get free issues in your inbox! LINK

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Win a Pearl Jam's Gibson Custom Art Les Paul Jr.


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Epiphone Launches the new Emperor Swingster Hollow-Body Guitar

Epiphone Launches the new Emperor Swingster Hollow-body Guitar Designed for Musicians Who Appreciate Exceptional Playability and Effortless Style

Leading guitar maker Epiphone is best known for making some of the best and most innovative hollow-body guitars such as the Casino, Sheraton and Riviera to name a few. Never one to question creativity, Epiphone has created a guitar which features the best of their classic and best loved models, introducing the Epiphone Emperor Swingster. Starting with the same body and neck as used on their Emperor-II guitar and made famous by the jazz master himself, Joe Pass, Epiphone swings into action and turns it into a serious rock-a-billy slinging, country flinging' instrument at the same time retaining a modern and contemporary feel.

The Epiphone Emperor Swingster has what it takes to satisfy any professional's demand for great one. The Epiphone Emperor Swingster features series/parallel switching controlled by two push/pull tone controls. This allows you to change each pickup's output individually from parallel to series wiring creating a palette of useful sounds to tap into, ranging from warm humbuckers to "quacky" single-coil type sounds and everything in-between. Naturally all good swinging machines need a vibrato and the Swingster is no exception featuring a Bigsby Licensed B30 with original style wire handle as preferred by "Certified Guitar Player" and legend, Chet Atkins. Epiphone spares no expense by adding a "pinned" tune-o-matic bridge with roller saddles for smooth operation and accurate return to pitch which is preferred when using a vibrato. Other professional features include a hand-scalloped arched spruce top combined with a laminated arched-back Flame Maple body and glued-in 3-piece Hard Maple neck. At the heart of the guitar are Epiphone's new SwingBucker pickups. Specially designed for the Emperor Swingster, the humbuckers offer no-hum performance and feature classic Alnico-V magnets, enamel wire and over-wound coils for the perfect combination of warmth and bite.

Topping it all off are Epiphone's trademark, multi-bound headstock with the classic mother-of-pearl "vine" inlay, premium Grover(tm) tuners and a multi-bound, 20 fret Rosewood fingerboard with block inlay. The Epiphone Emperor Swingster comes in a variety of finishes including Trans Black, Wine Red and Sunrise Orange. Epiphone proudly stands by every guitar they make by supporting it with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and Gibson 24/7/365 Customer Service. If you're ready for a professional guitar with unique features and an attractive price tag, make sure to check out the new Emperor Swingster today.


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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gibson Day Celebration 10/31!

Visit your local Gibson and Epiphone dealer for Gibson Day! Every last Saturday of the month, you're invited to enter to win a Gibson guitar, earn a free Gibson "fan" shirt when you test drive a Gibson guitar and have an all around great time at participating dealers worldwide.

Upcoming date is October 31, 2009!


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O-Port for your Acoustic Guitar - Preview

THE NEW O-PORT, developed by musical instrument and guitar aftermarket company Dare Music Group, is a guitar enhancement proven to improve the sound of any acoustic guitar. Tested under the scrutiny of acoustic engineers and world-renowned sound producers, The O-Port helps deliver a fuller, richer sound with noticeably increased sustain and harmonic range. This becomes particularly pronounced when the instrument is plugged in and amplified, resulting in a stronger signal to the internal pickup and significant feedback control.

The O-Port combines rigorous engineering and craftsmanship to add to the functionality of the instrument while staying true to the traditional aesthetics valued by acoustic guitar players. At the summer NAMM show, distributors, retailers, manufacturers, and artists marveled at the O-Port's innovative concept and ease of use--as well as the impressive results demonstrated on the show floor. A flood of orders ensured that it will be in stores by Christmas, when it is expected to be a popular accessory and gift purchase. The O-Port also drew an overwhelmingly positive reception at Musikmesse 2009, where it secured orders from music stores in eight countries.

O-Port will initially be sold in two sizes in music stores worldwide as an aftermarket self-installation device that fits into almost any acoustic guitar, regardless of make or model. It has gained accolades from a growing number of award-winning musicians, producers, and sound engineers.

"I always enjoy discovering and trying new devices to make the recording process easier, better and more fun," said Neil Dorfsman, producer for Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Sting, The Roiling Stores, and other music icons. "I've just heard an amazing device called the O-Port. The difference really becomes obvious when you place a mic in front of the instrument. It's a kind of 'acoustic enhancer' that any serious player, recording engineer, or producer would notice."

I'll have more information on this product in the coming weeks! Keep posted for a review!

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Aritst Profile: Kris Bell

Hosting a radio show that showcases great local artists for as long as I has turned me on to some amazing musicians. Take for example guitar slinger Kris Bell. He combines his soulful playing with radio ready song craft. Check out the tracks “Destined," “Letter of Goodbye,” “Livin’ For Tomorrow” and my favorite "I Know the Sun Will Call." It's gritty, powerful and soulful! He peppers in these numbers with some Texas inspired guitar licks that show off his flare and good taste.

In April of 2005, Kris moved from his hometown of San Diego, CA to Nashville, TN. Within one month of relocating, he was quickly hired as the Lead Guitarist for American Idol star Bo Bice. For the next two years, Kris performed on numerous television programs, toured nationally, recorded on a major label record and was featured in a number one music video on MTV and VH1.

In 2007, Kris began pursuing a solo career, bringing his captivating rock style to new fans from Georgia to California. During a show in Nashville, he caught the attention of producer and Muzik Mafia Percussionist, Pino Squillace and soon after, landed a deal with Wilderside Productions. Kris began recording his debut album with Pino and co-producer and Matt Wilder.

On November 11th 2008, Kris released "American Rock". This five song EP is a hard hitting, emotional journey through passionate lyrics, melodic grooves, and forceful guitar work that draws the listener in with its addictive flavor, and is just a taste of what's to come from Kris' full length album due out this year.

Experience the music of Kris Bell and the sound of today’s new American Rock Artist.



Marshall JCM 800 100w Head
Model # 2210 Limited Edition 1986
Dual Channel w/Spring Reverb
Svetlana EL34 Tubes

Marshall “Original Classic” Limited Edition
Slant & Straight 4x12 Cabs w/75w Celestions

Mesa Boogie “Trem-O-Verb” Dual Rectifier
Marshall Slant Cab w/Celestion Vintage 30s
“The Secret Box” Custom Pre-Amp

Pedal Train PT-1 Pedal Board
Dunlop JD-4S Rotovibe
Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah
Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer
Boss FS-5L Channel Selector
Electro Harmonix Micro Pog Octave Generator
Boss TU-2 Tuner

Les Paul Class 5 w/Burstbucker 2 & 3 Pick-ups
Les Paul Custom w/490R & 498T Pick-ups
Les Paul Classic1960 Reissue w/Burstbucker 1 & 2 Pick-ups
Les Paul Studio Limited Edition Flame Top # 31 of 200 w/EMG 81 & 85 Pick-ups

Eric Johnson Signature Series Strat
Crème American Standard Strat w/Texas Specials
Sierra Burst American Standard Strat w/Texas Specials
American Standard Tele w/American Tele Single Coils

Taylor 615-CE Jumbo Cutaway
Washburn EA-26 Festival Series
Epiphone Masterbilt Dreadnought

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Eleven Rack

Guitarists everywhere are talking about the killer amp and effect sounds in the new Digidesign® Eleven™ Rack. But Eleven Rack offers more than just great tones — it’s also an incredible recording system for guitar players. We designed it from the ground up to eliminate the problems that guitarists have always faced in the studio. Here’s a few reasons to check out Eleven Rack:

It’s got two powerful DSP processors so you’ll never have to worry about latency when recording with its built-in amp/effects tones — and your computer won’t have to carry the processing burden.

You’ve got the option to record both dry and processed signals simultaneously, which means you can easily re-amp your tracks later without patching a single cable.
Eleven Rack automatically embeds your amp and effects settings into the audio tracks you record, enabling you to quickly recall those settings from your audio files. No more writing down settings while recording — just concentrate on playing while Eleven Rack takes care of the rest.

To top it all off, Eleven Rack even comes with Pro Tools ® LE— the most popular recording software on the planet! It all adds up to the most innovative and powerful guitar recording solution ever. Watch the video below to get a closer look at Eleven Rack in the studio.


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ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Rocktron Patchmate Loop 8 Floor

With the incredible popularity of the recently released PatchMate Loop 8, Rocktron expands the controller universe by adding a FLOOR version!

You are going to love this product. The PatchMate Loop 8 Floor provides 8 discrete Loops all with True Bypass, buffered and non buffered signal paths, 128 programmable presets with Real time control using the 9 high quality metal foot switches.

The eight loops may be configured for multiple purposes including Channel switching, effects loops, guitar routing and more. Add preset programmability along with pedal True Bypass to any standard pedal board with ease!

The PatchMate Loop 8 Floor is easy to set up and program with real time user controls.

More information about this and all our new rack will available on

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Friday, October 23, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker

The Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker taps into the sonic power of the legendary Big Muff Pi, but creates new tonal possibilities at the flick of a switch -- or two. Use the Wicker switch to open up three high-frequency filters for raspy, sustaining distortion with top-end bite, or flick on the Tone switch to bypass the tone control for unabated tonal slam. Want the original Big Muff sound? Just switch off the Wicker and turn on the Tone. The ability to create your own personal Big Muff sound is what truly makes this the Wicked Wicker.

Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi w/ Tone Wicker Features:
-True bypass
-The Wicker switch opens up 3 high frequency filters providing a sustain that is raspy and defined
-The Tone switch completely removes the tone control, providing you with a devastating broadband Big Muff slam!
-With the Wicker switch off and the Tone switch on, you have the original Big Muff Pi
-9 volt battery included

Street Price $90

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What is the JamHub?

JamHubs were created to give musicians the freedom to jam all they want, wherever they want. When you’re jamming, it’s virtually silent to the outside world. Neighbors can’t hear it. Parents can’t hear it. Cops can’t hear it. But for everyone in the band, the experience rocks.

Just pick a color section and plug in your instruments, mics and headphones. Each musician can control their own individual mixes. You’ll hear yourself like never before with amazing new clarity, no more volume wars, and your playing will improve faster. JamHub is also affordable, portable and easy to set up. So now every band can make more music more often.


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Thursday, October 22, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Arger Leo Grande Multi Effects Pedal

Here's a look at a rare pedal from ARGER LEO GRANDE, a custom pedal built for the guitar player of the band Vocation. It contains a LEO Germanium Fuzz, a LEO Silicon Fuzz, an ARGER Muff Fuzz, a Compressor, a MOSFET Boost and a 1-or-2 Octaves-Down effect. Up to four effects can be used simultaneously.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aljon & Sick Puppies TODAY at Best Buy Orlando!

At 6pm tonight I'll be hosting an acoustic in-store performance with Sick Puppies at the Best Buy (Store 157, 4601 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803). Register to win an Epiphone Sheraton guitar! It's brought to you by Gibson/Epiphone.

Sick Puppies CD 'Tri-Polar' is in stores now!


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ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: V2 Jekyll and Hyde Distortion Overdrive

One of my favorite distortion pedals of all time is Visual Sound's Jekyll & Hyde. The latest version of this juggernaut has upgraded foot switches and a noise gate. If you want a smooth screaming overdrive or over-the-top gain look no further than this bad boy! - Aljon

From its first appearance in 1997, the Jekyll & Hyde was the first pedal to combine two separate effects in one pedal. Now ten years later the new V2 Series gives the same great tone guitarists have come to love plus an added noise reduction system, creating the ultimate guitar dream! Each channel of the newly designed Jekyll & Hyde has separate controls, giving you the ability to use them separately, or together. The Jekyll Overdrive channel accurately reproduces the sound of the TS-808 Tubescreamer, but with a Bass Boost switch and far more output volume than the original TS-808, this Overdrive far surpasses its predecessor. The Hyde side is more than just a turbo version of Jekyll! With a heavier distortion and more bottom end, this crazy Distortion pedal is extremely versatile!


Street Price $149

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Impersonate Alexi Laiho on Video for a Chance to Win a Scythe!

Donʼt lie; we know youʼve grabbed your guitar (or a tennis racket, or a broomstick, or the like) and pretended to rock along with your favorite musicians. Hey, we all play guitar too. We know how it is. Normally, you probably donʼt want anyone to see you imagining yourself onstage in front of 50,000 screaming fans. But weʼre going to give you a good reason to let the whole world watch.

Between now and October 31, youʼre going to film yourself doing your very best impersonation of Alexi Laiho. What does that mean? Exactly what it sounds like; youʼre going to do whatever it takes* to create a video where we canʼt tell you apart from Alexi. You can wear a wig, you can adopt Alexiʼs stage moves, or anything you want within reason. But to win, youʼd better make us laugh, or blow our minds with your ability to be a clone of Alexi. In any case, our panel of judges will watch each video, and the one we deem the coolest will be selected to win an ESP Alexi Laiho Signature Series LTD AL-600 Scythe guitar!


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Gibson Gets Low - The 7-String Explorer

Born alongside the Flying V when rock and roll was still a toddler, Gibson’s Explorer was the most radical electric guitar ever unleashed upon the unsuspecting music world of 1958. Way ahead of its time, it failed to gain a foothold among the generally conservative players of the day, but became a major rock icon by the late ’60s, and has been taken up by countless guitar heroes over the course of the intervening decades. Flash forward to the 21st century, and the 7-string has become the choice of an increasing number of thrash and nu-metal players, who seek eviscerating tones with the gut-rumbling potential of an added low-B string. Enter Gibson’s 7-String Explorer, a natural marriage of rock’s most radical shape and the specs demanded by the most adventurous 7-string players on the scene today. This new addition to the line for Gibson’s “Rocktober” celebrations combines the proven tonal advantages of mahogany neck and body with the scorching performance of EMG pickups, all the solid playability of Gibson construction and hardware, and a none-more-black gloss Ebony nitrocellulose finish, resulting in an unmatched package for the heavy rocker.


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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Voodoo Lab Amp Selector

My friend Vince sent me a Tweet about finding an amp switcher for three or more amps and I mentioned the Morley Tripler. If you wanted to spend a bit more money and have greater control of your amp levels check this pedal out. - Aljon

With the Voodoo Lab Amp Selector you can now have total control over the huge amount of amplifiers you've amassed in years of dedicated guitar playing. Use one amp for clean, one for crunch, one for lead and switch between 'em. Layer a clean and dirty amp together for clarity and sparkle. The Amp Selector lets you have any combination of up to 4 amplifiers ready and waiting for you to just plug in and play. Thanks to Voodoo Lab's attention to detail and high quality components, switching is totally silent and the Amp Selector introduces NO noise into your existing system. When you're ready to play with the big boys, the Voodoo Lab Amp Selector is your tool to create worlds of tone and options.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Carl Martin Quattro Analog Multi-Effect Pedal

My buddy Joey asked me if there was a high quality, multi-effects pedalboard that had true-bypass switching as well as all your core effects. He wanted something slim and easy to use as well. Here was my answer. Enter Carl Martin's Quattro. Add a tuner and wah pedal and you're good to go! - Aljon

The Quattro begins with Carl Martin's award winning Compressor/Limiter circuit with single controls for compression and level. The Two-Channel Overdrive has switches for on-off and for selecting between the crunch and high-gain stages, and controls for tone and level. In classic fashion, the Vintage Chorus has a speed and a depth control. Finally, the vintage style Echo has controls for level, tone, repeat and tap-tempo, as well as an on-off switch. No hard to read screens, no menus to scroll through, just set-up and play. There is no simpler multi-effect pedals on the market! There is also an effects loop built in between the overdrive and chorus effects for that special drive or fuzz pedal that is part of your sound.

You also get famous Carl Martin build quality, ultra quiet switching, a high quality on-board regulated +/-12V power supply which allows us to use the finest components allowing the greatest amount of headroom, and low output impedance which leaves your amp sounding exactly like your amp.

Carl Martin Quattro Analog Multi-Effect Pedal Features:
-Two-channel overdrive
-Vintage Chorus
-Vintage Style Echo

Street Price $623

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: WMD Geiger Counter Preamp Distortion

The WMD Geiger Counter is a pedal unlike any we have seen here at PGS. It features a clash of two different worlds with its high gain preamp running straight into 8 bit computer . This provides a range of sounds that can only be called revolutionary. Pack all that fun into a compact safety team approved yellow box and you have what is sure to be a hit.
The WMD Geiger Counter contains literally over 200 different sounds that range from tame (tubey overdrive, lofi aliasing, hot gated leads) to insane (impossible amounts of gain, multiple octave foldover, harsh digital data errors, and piercing sculpted noise). The WMD Geiger Counter , although computer based, is Not a modeling pedal. It is something much, much better. If you love to push the envelope of what a distortion pedal can do, your wildest dream has come true. Check out the WMD Geiger Counter today.

WMD Geiger Counter features:
-High Gain Modern Preamp
-Dramatic Tone Control with Disable
-Sample Rate from 260Hz to 58kHz
-1 to 8 Bit Depth with Mask mode
-252 Wave Table Modulator
-CV In for Expressive Control
-Always saves settings
-Hand Wired True Bypass
-Top Quality Components
-Heavy Duty Epoxy Finish
-Standard 9V Power Jack
-4.5in x 3.5in case

Street Price $299

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ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Pigtronix Creamsicle Overdrive

The Pigtronix Creamsicle is a very refined overdrive. When the gain is increased the Creamsicle produces beautiful rich overtones with tons of harmonics and soul. The tone is big and open with no artificial artifacts added to the original tone of the guitar and amp. Creamy and rich, the Pigtronix Creamsicle keeps the compression to a minimum which in turn reduces the high end fizz and grain at higher gain settings. When backed off, the Creamsicle is warm and dynamic without being dark. The highs just kind of hang in the air when you strum a chord and each string rings out crystal clear, even in complex chord patterns. The volume knob player will adore the Creamsicle for its ability to clean up and produce chunky rhythm sounds. The Pigtronix Creamsicle is the result of a long standing collaboration between PGS and Pigtronix and we know you won’t be disappointed.
Pigtronix Creamsicle Features:

Hand Painted by Myrold
Independent Low, Mid, and High Controls
9-15vdc Operation (15vdc Power Supply Included)
True Hardwire Bypass

Street Price $169

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Band From TV's Album $1.99 ONE DAY ONLY!

Hoggin All The Covers - $1.99 - ONE DAY ONLY!

On October 21st will offer Hoggin All The Covers to be downloaded for $1.99, THAT'S IT. ONE DAY ONLY. FOR CHARITY.

Read the Official Release and see the Give Away Prizes below:

Fans Have 24 Hours to Download the Album, that Features Television Stars: Greg Grunberg, Hugh Laurie, James Denton, Bob Guiney and Bonnie Somerville for only $1.99. Proceeds go to Charity.

On October 21st, will offer Band From TV’s hit album, Hoggin All The Covers to be downloaded for just $1.99. It’s the DEAL OF THE DAY on The Band From TV lineup includes a powerhouse of well-known and acclaimed actors including Greg Grunberg (drums), a veteran of such shows as “Alias.” and “Felicity” and is currently starring in the NBC hit “Heroes;” Hugh Laurie (keyboards), star of “House,” James Denton (guitar), currently starring in the ABC hit “Desperate Housewives;” Bob Guiney (vocals), who appeared on “The Bachelor” and is currently seen on the Game Show Network Live; and Jesse Spencer (violin) who is currently starring in the FOX hit “House."

Rounding out the band are accomplished musicians Chris Kelley, Barry Sarna, Jon Sarna, Chris Mostert and child-star turned bass player Brad Savage. Some of the songs on the album include, “Piece of My Heart,” “You Really Got Me,” “Will It Go Round In Circles,” “Feelin’ Alright,” “Pink Cadillac,” “Lean on Me,” “Hard To Handle” and “Mustang Sally.”

A portion of the proceeds raised from Band From TV gigs, band's DVD, CD and music downloads is donated to a select group of charities chosen by each member of the band. Greg Grunberg supports the National Epilepsy Foundation and, Hugh Laurie supports Save the Children, James Denton works with The Conservation Fund, Bob Guiney supports The Art of Elysium and Bonnie Somerville performs for the Child Abuse Prevention Program and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

While talented actors, the band is truly about celebrating music, living the rock and roll fantasy and having fun, while bringing classic rock and roll music to life. Band From TV has performed on "American Idol Gives Back" and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” Some noteworthy stars that have jammed with the band include John Mayer, Hayden Panettiere, Teri Hatcher, and many others.

Purchase this album for this one-time-only price at: Give Away

Get Involved and Win!

Available Prizes:

1. Signed Gibson DR-100 acoustic guitar
2. Drum heads signed by Band From TV
3. Photos signed by Band From TV
4. Signed Heroes script
5. Tickets to see Band From TV perform live


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Def Leppard Cancels 3rd Leg of US Tour


Due to unforeseen personal matters, the third leg of Def Leppard’s North American Tour, set to begin on October 22nd, has been cancelled. "We know how truly blessed we are to have such committed fans," said the band in a statement. "That's why we've agonized over this decision. Even if just a single concert, we don't take cancelling shows lightly, but unfortunately life’s commitments need to be the priority."

Ticket refunds are available at the point of purchase.


Unfortunately, this means the Nashville show set for November 24, 2009 at Sommet Center with Cheap Trick is off the books. Whatever the situation is surrounding the Def Leppard camp I wish them all the best and hope they will return to Music City next year.

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Bob Bradshaw Pedalboards On Guitar Universe

Pedalboard maker to the stars Bob Bradshaw explains the differences between the typical pedal board and the ones his Custom Audio Engineering custom designs. Los Angeles session guitar player and Toto member Steve Lukather stops by give some examples. Produced by David Swartz, Bobby Owsinski and Bela Canhoto for Fiesta Red Productions and 2b Media, Distributed by Tubemogul.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Shur Koko boost and Shiba Drive

Here's a great gear demo from Andy Wood of the band Down From Up. Andy shows off the Koko boost and Shiba Drive through clean side of a Suhr Pt-100, speakers are vintage 30's. 57 with mic close.

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Badaple Guitar True Bypass Pedalboard presents a product demo from Badaple Guitar live from the Los Angeles Amp Show. The live product demo shows the incredible new pro pedalboard's design, features and approximate pricepoints. These true bypass loop switching pedalboards set a new standard from basic boards and without going to a Cornish or Bradshaw switching system and the expenses you would incur.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Fulltone TTE Delay Effect Tube Tape Echo

It used to be that no delay could quite replicate the natural, warm, and shimmery tones of an old Echoplex tape echo—enter the Fulltone TubeTapeEcho, or TTE. Old tape echoes used to be noisy and unreliable, but the TTE is dead quiet and features revamped electronics, tape transport path, and even the tape cartridge itself to near-overkill, producing less noise than most delay pedals. The TTE can provide anywhere from a quick slapback to over 2 seconds of delay time. There is a top-panel-mounted, dual-speed toggle switch to choose between Hi-Speed and Lo-Speed operation. Hi-Speed gets you lots of Highs, less Bass, and a True Repeat without the Pitch variation of the old Echoplex. Lo-Speed is warm, with lots of Bass, less highs, and a slight "warble" that imparts a natural chorus.

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Chris Henderson of 3 Doors Down Guitar Gear

Premier Guitar is backstage with 3 Doors Down, checking out Chris Henderson's rig.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Lunar Echo by DMB Pedals

Here is the Lunar Echo by DMB Pedals. It is a true Bucket Brigade classic analog delay. it has the warm analog delay sound, but really reacts like a tape delay, just wonderful. It can also double as a noise box. it is loaded with features!! Using a Gibson 335 and a 66 Fender Princeton Reverb. Thanks to for the video clip!


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Ty Tabor of King's X Guitar Rig

Legendary Guitarist Ty Tabor of King's X at Summer NAMM 2009 in Nashville, shows us the gear he uses on stage and in the studio thanks to Harmony Central.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Fuzzbox

Here's a killer one knob fuzz . It's Dick Denney's design with a tonebender board with one special addition, a little preset wheel that allows you to balance the effected sound against your true bypassed sound.

All the Colorsound effects are lovingly hand built using top quailty components - we are still using the original machines for pressing out the cases - same man does the artwork and the same ears do the testing !


Street Price $249.95

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Joe Bonamassa's Pedalboard and Live Rig

Thanks to Music Radar we've got a rare look into Joe's rig. Thanks Music Radar!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Paul Gilbert's 2009 Pedalboard

Guitar wizard Paul Gilbert shows off some of his wonderful toys!

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ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Danelectro Spring King Reverb Pedal

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Bart Walsh and David Lee Roth Unplugged!

My good friend Bart Walsh, former guitarist for the David Lee Roth band forwarded me this rare clip of his unplugged performance with the Diamond one for the "No Holds BBQ" video from a few years back. Enjoy!

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ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Morley George Lynch Tripler Pedal

My buddy Vince from the band Philos asked me about a switcher that would allow you to switch between several different amps. Here's my suggestion. - Aljon

A high-quality device that lets you use up to 3 amps at once.

The Morley George Lynch Tripler Pedal enables you to hook up 3 amplifierss and switch each independently or in any combination. A boost knob increases the signal strength of the entire Tripler output to compensate for lost volume when using all 3 channels simultaneously. LED indication for each channel. Operates on 9V battery or optional Morley adapter.

Morley George Lynch Tripler Pedal Features:
Links up to 3 amps and switches independently or combines them in any way
Boost knob compensates for volume loss when 3 channels are used simultaneously
Housed in cold rolled steel case
LED indication for each channels
Runs of 9V battery or optional Morley adapter
2-year warranty

Street Price $99

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Pumaboards Custom Pedalboards

Here are some great videos from Pumaman, awesome custom pedalboard builder. If you'd like him to build your board hit him up and tell him Aljon sent you! Enjoy!


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Sunday, October 11, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: DigiTech Harmony Man

I saw this pedal demo at NAMM was really impressed. Digitech HarmonyMan Intelligent Pitch Shifter The Digitech HarmonyMan is an intelligent pitch shifting effect giving you the ability to create harmonies such as; a 3rd or 5th above or below, an octave up, 2 octaves below, 24 semitones and 4 detune variations. You can also combine 2 voices to accompany your dry signal making the possibilities expand even further. Now, we mentioned the Digitech HarmonyMan is an intelligent pitch shifter, right? I suppose youre wondering, What do you mean, intelligent? Can it solve equations? Well, no. Not exactly. By intelligent we mean the Digitech Harmony Man features Scalic Shifting. Scalic Shifting allows the HarmonyMan to create the proper harmonies dependent on the key. It also features Triad Shifting which allows you to base your harmonies around a chord structure for fixed harmonies in a certain key or using the sidechain input for chord recognition. With all this, there is really no way you cannot enjoy the Digitech HarmonyMan Intelligent Pitch Shifter. If harmonies are your game, get it on.

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Jamey Ice's 2009 Pedalboard and Touring Rig

Here's a great gear video of Jamey Ice's touring rig for 2009. Check out Jamey's band Green River Ordinance HERE!

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Wampler's Triple Recstortion

Brian Wampler's done it again! One of my favorite pedal gurus improved one of my favorite pedals, the Triple Wreck! Check it out!

The new Triple Recstortion high gain distortion pedal... designed to get that massively thick distortion through a clean amp! The Triple Recstortion was a limited run... there were only 100 pedals built.

BUT!!! We've brought the circuit back and added the ability to get PHAT QOTSA, Weezer-esque fuzz as well as AMAZING Gilmour type "Big Muff" fuzz tones!

It's here!!! The Triple Wreck Distortion! After hundreds of emails BEGGING us to bring it back... we responded! The new Triple Wreck Distortion... same high gain distortion as the Limited Edition Triple Recstortion but we've added MORE flexibility....A boost switch that changes it from the triple recstortion to more of a 'big muff pi' type tone - think david gilmour tones. With this switch turned on, it have a knob that pans between creamy fuzz to crunchy distortion.

Get it for $185.00!


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Jason McClain's Pedalboard

Here's another reader submitted pedalboard. If you would like to submit a picture and description of your pedalboard please send the vitals to "tonefreq(at)". You can even send us a YouTube link! Great stuff Jason! Thanks for sharing! - Aljon


I'm a big fan of your blog. I primarily play drums in a local band called The Slow and Steady Winner, but I also play a little guitar in the band as well as do some solo guitar work mostly in my home studio - Lost Anchors Recording.

Here is my main recording board: on a Pedaltrain PT-1 Ernie Ball Volume Pedal > Boss TU-2 tuner > Barber Tone Press compressor > Z. Vex Box of Rock distortion > Keeley-modded Boss TR-2 tremolo > Deltalab Stereo Chorus > Arion SAD-3 Stereo Delay > MXR Carbon Copy. This is the board I use when recording with my Bogner Metropolis 2x12" combo.

For gigs with The Slow and Steady Winner I play through a silverface Fender Bassman 70 head with a 1x12" cab with a Pedaltrain Jr. board: Boss TU-2 tuner > Z. Vex Super Duper 2-in-1 boost > Fulltone OCD distortion > Arion SAD-3 Stereo Delay > MXR Carbon Copy delay > Electro-Harmonix Holier Grail. Sometimes I add in an Electro-Harmonix Russian Big Muff after the OCD depending on the set. Check us out at and become a fan on Facebook too.

The main differences between the studio board and the gig board, besides size, are the distortions and reverb. The Bogner really responds better to the more vintage sound of the Box of Rock while the Bassman likes the brighter tone of the OCD. The Bassman lacks onboard reverb so the Holier Grail takes care of that on gigs where reverb is a big part of my guitar tone. My favorite pedal overall is the Arion delay. It's not even really a delay as much as just a spacey ambient background effect. It's by far the cheapest pedal in my collection but it's so unique and fun.

Jason McClain

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Aljon on Tour! Let's Meet Up and Talk Gear!

I'm back on the road again over the next few weeks talking about guitars and such and would love to see you at some area music stores. Please "follow me" on Twitter and see where I'll be!

10/27 LOUISVILLE KY - First Quality Music
10/28-29 FT. WAYNE IN - Sweetwater

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Next Big Nashville This Weekend!

Music City’s fast growing music festival and conference is celebrating our fourth year RIGHT NOW. It’s not too late for wristbands and VIP badges. For more details click HERE!

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ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: ToadWorks John Bull Jr British Overdrive

ToadWorks John Bull Jr is an overdrive effect pedal that emulates the classic overdrive that put Great Britain on the rock & roll map.

From the 60's to the 00's, England has produced some of the finest amplifiers on the planet. John Bull Jr brings that sound home at a price you can afford.

Just like it's big brother, John Bull Jr is on it's way to becoming a modern classic. If British overdrive is your cup of tea, John Bull Jr's gonna squeeze your lemon so hard it will hurt.

Street Price $94.95

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Favorite Killer iPhone Apps for Guitarists!

Ever since I've gotten my iPhone it's been a valuable part of my everyday life! From getting driving directions to checking e-mail to even checking into my flights it's become a godsend! Here are some of my favorite iPhone apps.

How about having a simple four track recorder that fits inside your iPhone. The StudioApp allows for instrument recording using a 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch adapter as well as record vocals using the headphone/earbud mic. It's great for basic writing sessions. You can even save your projects, export sound files and add your own pictures as album art. Check out the "lite" version for FREE!

When it comes to strobe tuners there is only one name in my book, Peterson. I have been using Peterson Strobe tuners for years, since I was in grade school concert band! For all of its perfection those tuners come at a price - as they are known to be pretty expensive. However, if you have an iPhone you can download the iStroboSoft app from the iTunes app store and get that same quality for $9.99! Read my entire review if the iStrobosoft HERE!

This tool is perfect for finding all the cool inversions of your favorite guitar chords. It's easy to use and eliminates having to take that chord book to your songwriting sessions. I've used this app to write song progressions at an airport!

Heroes t.v. star and drummer Greg Grunberg has launched a killer app called Yowza! This app allows you to download coupons on your smartphone and use them at a number of stores. One of which is Guitar Center! Yowza indeed!

I love having over 3000 chord voicings, 500 scales, 500 arpeggios and triads in every inversion. It's fun, easy to use and is addictive practice tool. Download it today!

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Cornell and Cantrell Jam with Pearl Jam - Hints at Possible Soundgarden Reunion

This makes me proud to have been from Seattle!

Last night at the Gibson Ampitheatre in LA a timewarp occured and everyone was transported to 1993! Chris Cornell (Audioslave/Soundgarden vocalist) joined Pearl Jam—whose current drummer, Matt Cameron, played in Soundgarden—on stage to perform “Hunger Strike,” a song by tribute band Temple of the Dog.

Cornell's Soundgarden bandmates, guitarist Kim Thayil and bassist Ben Shepherd, waited in the wings, making this the first time in 13 years that all four members have appeared together publically. The news is sure to spark rumors of a reunion, since Cornell has been solo again since Audioslave’s split. Soon afterward Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell joined Pearl Jam to riff up “Alive.”

Here is some cool fan video from the concert! ENJOY!

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Furman SPB-8C stereo pedal board

Often imitated, the original Furman SPB-8 was the first stereo pedal board on the market. Now Furman is proud to offer its successor, the SPB-8C. Featuring a new hardshell case, more outlets, improved jacks, and a streamlined look, the SPB-8C improves on the innovative design that made the original pedal board so popular.

Pedal Board
The SPB-8C pedal board features a heavy duty metal construction that will handle the most forceful stomps you can offer, as well as stand up to the rigors of the road.

At the heart of the SPB-8C pedal board is a light yet rugged polycarbonate platform in combination with an extruded aluminum chassis and an ample 13.75” x 26.75” Velcro™ sheet. This durable construction ensures secure, non-slip performance of your effects boxes and pedals.

The SPB-C’s stereo patch bay contains eight 1/4” switching phone jacks featuring sturdy metal bushings, connected in two stereo loops. This allows a single guitar or instrument input to feed multiple mono and stereo effects boxes, send and return from remote effects, and feed up to two amplifiers simultaneously. From modest to highly complex patching demands, the SPB-8C allows nearly unlimited set-up flexibility.

Powering your pedals, amps and other gear, the SPB-8C offers two levels of surge and short circuit protection, as well as Furman's standard level of RFI/EMI filtering. Furman's SPB-8C is quiet, powering DC pedals without hum, due to the high quality toroid transformer employed. Each DC output is rated at 120 mA, as well as being individually protected against shorts, guaranteeing that if one pedal goes out, the rest will continue to function. Further, these DC outputs are individually isolated, eliminating noisy ground loops. The SPB-8C also includes four AC outlets, spaced widely enough to accommodate bulky 'wall wart' transformers.


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ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Roger Linn Design AdrenaLinn III

AdrenaLinn III from Roger Linn Design is a beat-synced multi-effects processor for guitar, keyboard or bass that combines 3 products in one: 1) A beat-synched multi-effects processor with exclusive Filter Sequencer What are beat-synched filter effects? Examples include tremolo, auto-pan, filter tremolo, flanger, chorus, rotary, vibrato and more, all in perfect synch to the internal drumbeats or to MIDI clock. That out-of-synch tremolo on your guitar amp won't seem as useful anymore. Plus you get innovative new effects including: • Random filtering, flanging or tremolo like a wah pedal that instantly switches to a new random position on every 1/8 or 1/16 note in sync to the beat. Or a flanger that switches to a new random frequency every 1/8 or 1/16 note. Or a tremolo in which each pulse level is randomly chosen, adding a syncopated rhythm to even simple chords. • Filter sequences: Looped 2-measure rhythmic sequences of filter tones in sync to the beat or to MIDI. Choose one of the preset sequences or program your own. A great idea generator. • Tremolo sequences: Looped 2-measure sequences of programmed volume pulses. Like that used in Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". • Arpeggio Sequences: Looped 2-measure sequences of tuned resonances, as used in John Mayer's "Bigger Than My Body". • Delay Loops: Set the beat-synced delay to 1 full measure, then jam with yourself by playing chords over the first bar and solo over them on the next. You also get note-triggered filter effects like Auto-Wah, Talk Box simulator, Guitar Synth sounds, plus stereo reverb, compression, tuner and a completely transparent noise gate. And AdrenaLinn III's filters are warm and very analog-sounding with emulations of classic Moog and Oberheim synthesizer filter designs. 2) A superb amp modeler 40 superb models of vintage and modern guitar amps from Fender, Marshall, VOX, Mesa Boogie and more, including 4 classic bass amps. Plus distortion boxes and a warm tube preamp emulation. 3) A programmable drum machine A great-sounding programmable drum machine with 200 drumbeats from rock, pop, reggae, Brazilian, techno, hip hop, jazz and more, using over 40 well-sampled drum sounds. Run the drums through the amps and beat-synched filter processing for inspiring processed beats. • Easy to use. Just select a preset and play. To adjust any of the front panel settings, simply press the UP or DOWN arrow buttons to light the light next to it, then turn the knob above it. That's it. Same with the drumbeats.

Like its predecessor, AdrenaLinn III gives you modulation effects, looped filter sequences and delay loops, all playing in sync to the internal drum beats or MIDI. This model adds reverb, compression, tuner, and brings the number of amp models up to 40 (including 4 bass amps) with enhanced tube emulation and realism. New MIDI improvements permit control of nearly all settings from MIDI pedalboards, and the panel footswitches may now be reassigned to a variety of actions including amp drive boost. User presets and drumbeats are doubled to 200 each and come filled with great new examples of what this unique idea-creation box can do!

Roger Linn Design AdrenaLinn III Guitar Effects Processor Features:
-40 Amp models all enhanced for accuracy, presence and improved tube distortion
-Stereo reverb
-200 user presets & 200 drumbeats filled with great sounds & beats.
-MIDI enhancements: MIDI pedalboards of up to 10 foot switches and 2 expression pedals may be assigned to control nearly all internal settings in real time.
-Programmable Amp Boost
-Foot switches can be reassigned to nearly all internal actions
-Independent guitar amp distortion for drumbeats
-Internal drum sounds may be triggered from MIDI
-Enhanced control of beat-synched random filter and flanging effects
-Improved drum sounds.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trailer Trash Pedalboards

The boards are pretty cool. The name sucks. But... if the shoe fits...


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Tubescreamer's Pedalboard Demo: The Order of Pedals

"Tubescreamer" put up this cool video explaining the order of his pedals. Check it out!

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PRS Guitar's Limited Ted McCarty SC and DC 245 Models

PRS Guitars is honoring its legendary mentor with the new limited production Ted McCarty SC and DC 245 models. Made in the spirit of the original PRS Sunburst Series, the two models feature a short 24-1/2" scale, special bound fretboard, original PRS birds, Santana headstock shape with curly maple veneer and 1957/2008 pickups or optional Soapbar pickups.

Ted McCarty SC (single-cutaway) and DC (double cutaway) 245 models are currently available. Please visit an authorized PRS dealer for more details.


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ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: TC Electronic Nova Modulation

Never before have all of TC's acclaimed modulation effects been packed into a single stompbox. With seven stellar effects including the brand new tri-chorus and through-zero-flanger, Nova Modulator gives you all the modulation effects you'll ever need – and then some.

This is an effects pedal for the guitarist who has come to terms with the basics of guitar effects and is now on the lookout for icing on the cake. With its dual engine design Nova Modulator allows you to combine chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo and vibrato effects, sync the tempo between them and even trigger the LFO to start right on the beat.

Nova Modulator gives you unlimited sound shaping possibilities and with nine presets there's plenty of room to store your favorite settings.

Destined to spark new inspiration for your music.


7 studio quality modulation effects
Dual engine design
9 user programmable presets
LFO syncronization
LFO trigger
Tap tempo
Auto input gain adjustment
Stereo in/out

Street Price $249.95

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Zakk Wylde's Hellfire Halloween Bash in New York

If you hear a commercial from this event know that I was the person who wrote those lines for Zakk!

New York, New York... October 2, 2009 - Gibson Guitar, Epiphone and Monster Cable have partnered to celebrate the launch of two new signature model guitars and pro headphones with a special event in New York on Halloween, October 31, 2009. Zakk Wylde, legendary guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne and founder of the heavy metal band Black Label Society is set to perform at a free concert event at the Hard Rock Cafe New York in Times Square beginning at 8pm. The event will feature a major nationwide promotional radio campaign, special online contesting and viral marketing and a first-hand look at the special line of the signature Zakk Wylde Gibson USA guitar and Epiphone Graveyard Disciple. The event is also co-sponsored by Dunlop Pedals.

Gibson's month long promotional "Rocktober" campaign will culminate with two major Zakk Wylde appearances and events in New York City. In addition to the concert performance, Zakk will host a special "meet and greet" at New York's renowned 48th Street Sam Ash Music Store from 4PM to 7PM the night before, October 30, 2009. "Zakk Wylde's Hellfire Halloween Bash" concert with Black Label Society follows the next day at New York's Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square. The concert will include V.I.P. guests who won their exclusive "all access" tickets and the opportunity to meet Zakk through a major nationwide radio contest that will be promoted heavily throughout the month of October.

In addition, fans of Zakk Wylde will be offered the opportunity to register for tickets to the event. Interested fans will be given the opportunity to show the world their best "Zakk Wylde" audition through a major YouTube contest launched on in mid-October. Monster will also be doing major online promotions for their new headphones and giving musicians and fans alike the chance to win a pair of Turbine Pro in-ear speakers and a new Gibson Zakk Wylde Gibson BFG guitar from Gibson USA personally signed by the guitar maestro. Look for Zakk's special video message at or For information on how to register for free tickets fans can go to beginning on Tuesday, October 6, 2009 at 12pm ET/9am PT. Tickets will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis and will be limited to two per person per household.


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ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Electro-Harmonix Classics 2880 Super Multitrack Looper

The Electro-Harmonix 2880 offers the familiar control setup of a multitrack digital recorder plus flexible looping capabilities and track manipulation control. Multiple loops, in stereo and mono, can be pitch shifted, reversed and manipulated on four recording tracks. These four tracks can then be moved to two mixdown tracks, freeing them up to be reused. Flexible punch in/out is available on any recording track, allowing the musician to achieve "Looper Perfection" with the 2880. Complex multitrack loops may be created and overlaid in a performance situation with ease

The 2880's non-compressed audio delivers 16-bit/44.1kHz CD fidelity while providing audio storage of 480 seconds for each of the six available tracks when using a 256MB CF card. It comes with 128MB CF card and is comptable with cards up to 2GB. With external in/out MIDI clocking, it also provides automatic format conversion to Mac or PC via USB.

Electro-Harmonix Classics 2880 Super Multitrack Looper Guitar Effects Pedal Features:
Non-compressed audio 44.1k, 16-bit CD fidelity Audio storage of 480 seconds for each track
6 available tracks when using a 256 megabyte card (expandable to 2 gigabytes).
External in/out MIDI clocking
Automatic format conversion to Mac or PC via USB.
Complex multi-track loops can be created with ease.

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