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Sunday, October 18, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: WMD Geiger Counter Preamp Distortion

The WMD Geiger Counter is a pedal unlike any we have seen here at PGS. It features a clash of two different worlds with its high gain preamp running straight into 8 bit computer . This provides a range of sounds that can only be called revolutionary. Pack all that fun into a compact safety team approved yellow box and you have what is sure to be a hit.
The WMD Geiger Counter contains literally over 200 different sounds that range from tame (tubey overdrive, lofi aliasing, hot gated leads) to insane (impossible amounts of gain, multiple octave foldover, harsh digital data errors, and piercing sculpted noise). The WMD Geiger Counter , although computer based, is Not a modeling pedal. It is something much, much better. If you love to push the envelope of what a distortion pedal can do, your wildest dream has come true. Check out the WMD Geiger Counter today.

WMD Geiger Counter features:
-High Gain Modern Preamp
-Dramatic Tone Control with Disable
-Sample Rate from 260Hz to 58kHz
-1 to 8 Bit Depth with Mask mode
-252 Wave Table Modulator
-CV In for Expressive Control
-Always saves settings
-Hand Wired True Bypass
-Top Quality Components
-Heavy Duty Epoxy Finish
-Standard 9V Power Jack
-4.5in x 3.5in case

Street Price $299

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