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Thursday, October 29, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Boss SL-20 Slicer

Once I heard about this pedal I was instantly hooked. At the time I was working on an original music rock project and wanted to use it for some great synth type sounds. I was immediately impressed. Although there are some limitations rhythmically I think the ways in which you can shape and slice the sound make this well worth the price. Now if you will excuse me I'll be recording my post-modern 80's album now. - Aljon

Inject a shot of high-octane fuel into your music with the SL-20 Slicer. Instantly transform a guitar, bass, keyboard, or vocal into a pulsating groove instrument. Choose from 50 onboard Slice patterns or experiment with the SL-20’s innovative Harmonic Slicer feature, which generates percussive melodies, Loop Record, and unique 3D Panning.

Instant groove and percussive-melody generator
50 Slice patterns onboard, with adjustable attack and duration, including Harmonic Slice
Tap Tempo via onboard pedal switch; internal and MIDI sync
Sound characteristics such as attack, duration, effect level, and direct level are controllable via external Expression pedal (sold separately)
Variety of output modes, including the unique 3D Panning for spacious sliced FX

Street Price $218.95

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