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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Eleven Rack

Guitarists everywhere are talking about the killer amp and effect sounds in the new Digidesign® Eleven™ Rack. But Eleven Rack offers more than just great tones — it’s also an incredible recording system for guitar players. We designed it from the ground up to eliminate the problems that guitarists have always faced in the studio. Here’s a few reasons to check out Eleven Rack:

It’s got two powerful DSP processors so you’ll never have to worry about latency when recording with its built-in amp/effects tones — and your computer won’t have to carry the processing burden.

You’ve got the option to record both dry and processed signals simultaneously, which means you can easily re-amp your tracks later without patching a single cable.
Eleven Rack automatically embeds your amp and effects settings into the audio tracks you record, enabling you to quickly recall those settings from your audio files. No more writing down settings while recording — just concentrate on playing while Eleven Rack takes care of the rest.

To top it all off, Eleven Rack even comes with Pro Tools ® LE— the most popular recording software on the planet! It all adds up to the most innovative and powerful guitar recording solution ever. Watch the video below to get a closer look at Eleven Rack in the studio.


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