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Saturday, October 3, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Hardwire CR-7 Stereo Chorus

The CR-7 is a true stereo chorus with seven chorus types ranging from a traditional sounding analog chorus to a popular jazz style chorus. Due to the high-voltage operation, the CR-7 is at home both on a pedalboard or in the effects loop of an amp where standard pedals distort due to the large signal from the amplifier's loop. The CR-7 is also extremely flexible due to the true stereo I/O for
those who have complex connections and sounds.


True bypass
Constant high voltage rails
Rugged, durable construction
7 Chorus types (Modern, Multi, Analog, Studio, Boutique, Jazz, and Vintage)
Indicator LED
Stereo 1/4" inputs and outputs
9VDC battery operation
Level, Speed, Depth, and Chorus Type controls
Compatible with optional PS200R adapter

Get it for $139.95

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