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Monday, October 19, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Carl Martin Quattro Analog Multi-Effect Pedal

My buddy Joey asked me if there was a high quality, multi-effects pedalboard that had true-bypass switching as well as all your core effects. He wanted something slim and easy to use as well. Here was my answer. Enter Carl Martin's Quattro. Add a tuner and wah pedal and you're good to go! - Aljon

The Quattro begins with Carl Martin's award winning Compressor/Limiter circuit with single controls for compression and level. The Two-Channel Overdrive has switches for on-off and for selecting between the crunch and high-gain stages, and controls for tone and level. In classic fashion, the Vintage Chorus has a speed and a depth control. Finally, the vintage style Echo has controls for level, tone, repeat and tap-tempo, as well as an on-off switch. No hard to read screens, no menus to scroll through, just set-up and play. There is no simpler multi-effect pedals on the market! There is also an effects loop built in between the overdrive and chorus effects for that special drive or fuzz pedal that is part of your sound.

You also get famous Carl Martin build quality, ultra quiet switching, a high quality on-board regulated +/-12V power supply which allows us to use the finest components allowing the greatest amount of headroom, and low output impedance which leaves your amp sounding exactly like your amp.

Carl Martin Quattro Analog Multi-Effect Pedal Features:
-Two-channel overdrive
-Vintage Chorus
-Vintage Style Echo

Street Price $623

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