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Saturday, October 24, 2009

O-Port for your Acoustic Guitar - Preview

THE NEW O-PORT, developed by musical instrument and guitar aftermarket company Dare Music Group, is a guitar enhancement proven to improve the sound of any acoustic guitar. Tested under the scrutiny of acoustic engineers and world-renowned sound producers, The O-Port helps deliver a fuller, richer sound with noticeably increased sustain and harmonic range. This becomes particularly pronounced when the instrument is plugged in and amplified, resulting in a stronger signal to the internal pickup and significant feedback control.

The O-Port combines rigorous engineering and craftsmanship to add to the functionality of the instrument while staying true to the traditional aesthetics valued by acoustic guitar players. At the summer NAMM show, distributors, retailers, manufacturers, and artists marveled at the O-Port's innovative concept and ease of use--as well as the impressive results demonstrated on the show floor. A flood of orders ensured that it will be in stores by Christmas, when it is expected to be a popular accessory and gift purchase. The O-Port also drew an overwhelmingly positive reception at Musikmesse 2009, where it secured orders from music stores in eight countries.

O-Port will initially be sold in two sizes in music stores worldwide as an aftermarket self-installation device that fits into almost any acoustic guitar, regardless of make or model. It has gained accolades from a growing number of award-winning musicians, producers, and sound engineers.

"I always enjoy discovering and trying new devices to make the recording process easier, better and more fun," said Neil Dorfsman, producer for Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Sting, The Roiling Stores, and other music icons. "I've just heard an amazing device called the O-Port. The difference really becomes obvious when you place a mic in front of the instrument. It's a kind of 'acoustic enhancer' that any serious player, recording engineer, or producer would notice."

I'll have more information on this product in the coming weeks! Keep posted for a review!

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