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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Aritst Profile: Kris Bell

Hosting a radio show that showcases great local artists for as long as I has turned me on to some amazing musicians. Take for example guitar slinger Kris Bell. He combines his soulful playing with radio ready song craft. Check out the tracks “Destined," “Letter of Goodbye,” “Livin’ For Tomorrow” and my favorite "I Know the Sun Will Call." It's gritty, powerful and soulful! He peppers in these numbers with some Texas inspired guitar licks that show off his flare and good taste.

In April of 2005, Kris moved from his hometown of San Diego, CA to Nashville, TN. Within one month of relocating, he was quickly hired as the Lead Guitarist for American Idol star Bo Bice. For the next two years, Kris performed on numerous television programs, toured nationally, recorded on a major label record and was featured in a number one music video on MTV and VH1.

In 2007, Kris began pursuing a solo career, bringing his captivating rock style to new fans from Georgia to California. During a show in Nashville, he caught the attention of producer and Muzik Mafia Percussionist, Pino Squillace and soon after, landed a deal with Wilderside Productions. Kris began recording his debut album with Pino and co-producer and Matt Wilder.

On November 11th 2008, Kris released "American Rock". This five song EP is a hard hitting, emotional journey through passionate lyrics, melodic grooves, and forceful guitar work that draws the listener in with its addictive flavor, and is just a taste of what's to come from Kris' full length album due out this year.

Experience the music of Kris Bell and the sound of today’s new American Rock Artist.



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  1. Love Kris! Your favorite is my favorite--"Sun Will Call." Looking forward to hearing more Kris Bell in the future.

  2. Nice blog! Kris does rock- definately!! I am looking forward to his career continuing to grow and grow and to see his music reach more and more people! A fan for life already. Thanks AlJon for helping promote Kris!
    Lisa :)

  3. Nice blog! Kris does rock...definately! I am looking forward to seeing him reach all kinds of success in his career and see his music reach more and more people. Already a fan for life. Thanks AlJon for helping promote such a wonderful artist.
    Lisa :)

  4. Thanks for featuring Kris in your blog. Kris always rocks the house :) Can't wait for the rest of the world to hear his music. Bonnie

  5. Thanks for featuring Kris in your blog. Kris always rocks the house :) Can't wait for the rest of the world to hear how great he is!


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