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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Voodoo Lab Amp Selector

My friend Vince sent me a Tweet about finding an amp switcher for three or more amps and I mentioned the Morley Tripler. If you wanted to spend a bit more money and have greater control of your amp levels check this pedal out. - Aljon

With the Voodoo Lab Amp Selector you can now have total control over the huge amount of amplifiers you've amassed in years of dedicated guitar playing. Use one amp for clean, one for crunch, one for lead and switch between 'em. Layer a clean and dirty amp together for clarity and sparkle. The Amp Selector lets you have any combination of up to 4 amplifiers ready and waiting for you to just plug in and play. Thanks to Voodoo Lab's attention to detail and high quality components, switching is totally silent and the Amp Selector introduces NO noise into your existing system. When you're ready to play with the big boys, the Voodoo Lab Amp Selector is your tool to create worlds of tone and options.

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