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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Best $10 You'll Spend = iStroboSoft for the iPhone!

REVIEW: Peterson Strobe Tuners iStroboSoft for the iPod touch and iPhone

When it comes to strobe tuners there is only one name in my book, Peterson. I have been using Peterson Strobe tuners for years, since I was in grade school concert band! For all of its perfection those tuners come at a price - as they are known to be pretty expensive. However, if you have an iPhone you can download the iStroboSoft app from the iTunes app store and get that same quality for $9.99!

The app is quick to download, easy to use and extremely easy to read! I used the tuner both with my iPhone's mic as well as the optional input cable for my electric guitar (it plugs into the bearbud jack and can be purchased at Peterson's website). It did remarkably well tuning in a noisy room using the built-in noise filter. There is even an input boost button giving you an additional +24db!

Callibration is easy to tweak by tapping on the "information" button. There is even a "drop/capo" and full-screen modes for your convenience!

This is the MUST-HAVE app for all guitarists with an iPhone. What are you waiting for? The iStroboSoft by Peterson Tuners is a great value for $10 and is well worth the price!


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