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Sunday, October 18, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Pigtronix Creamsicle Overdrive

The Pigtronix Creamsicle is a very refined overdrive. When the gain is increased the Creamsicle produces beautiful rich overtones with tons of harmonics and soul. The tone is big and open with no artificial artifacts added to the original tone of the guitar and amp. Creamy and rich, the Pigtronix Creamsicle keeps the compression to a minimum which in turn reduces the high end fizz and grain at higher gain settings. When backed off, the Creamsicle is warm and dynamic without being dark. The highs just kind of hang in the air when you strum a chord and each string rings out crystal clear, even in complex chord patterns. The volume knob player will adore the Creamsicle for its ability to clean up and produce chunky rhythm sounds. The Pigtronix Creamsicle is the result of a long standing collaboration between PGS and Pigtronix and we know you won’t be disappointed.
Pigtronix Creamsicle Features:

Hand Painted by Myrold
Independent Low, Mid, and High Controls
9-15vdc Operation (15vdc Power Supply Included)
True Hardwire Bypass

Street Price $169

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