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Sunday, September 6, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: T-Rex Spin Doctor Overdrive Preamp

The T-Rex Spin Doctor is a new programmable guitar preamp/overdrive pedal. The Spin Doctor gives you four preset channels of all tube overdrive. Each channel has its own control for Bass, Mid, and Treble as well as adjustments for gain, presence, and even a boost switch. As you dial in your sound and store the settings (as you would your car radio) the knobs spin to the proper setting (looking like a Robot Guitar Pedal)!

The Spin Doctor can also be used as a preamp for recording. It features a built in cabinet simulator for direct recording with a level adjustment and a Frequency knob to adjust the character of your simulated cabinet. You can also store additional presets in another MIDI compatible device and load them in a flash when you need them.

This pedal was a breeze to use and it's very responsive to your playing style. The overdrive and distortion sounds are warm. If you are looking for a very aggressive distortion from one pedal(a la Dave Mustaine) you might want to look elsewhere. The unit is heavy and uses a special power supply so if you are looking for a small light-weight solution this won't help you either. However in spite of it's hefty price tag ($600 street) this unit delivers on rich tone and rugged construction. T-Rex once again proves that they are the Cadillac builders of quality guitar effects!

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