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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Redland Music Products Introduces New Guitar Care Products

Redland Music Products™ has introduced 50 new designs for its Axe Mat™ premium guitar repair mats and Workstation Kits, including the new monochrome design “Paint It Black”, for those who do not wish to be limited to a particular type of guitar image. There are now more than 90 different images from which to choose.

Axe Mats, featuring high resolution photographic images of popular guitar models, make the perfect work surface for guitar maintenance and repair. The incredible images are permanently dyed into the supple top fabric, and will never crack, fade, or wash off. The mats are backed by high-density urethane to cushion and protect fine instruments and the work surface underneath. Measuring 19” x 29” to accommodate any size guitar, these durable mats are easy to clean, lay flat, and easily roll up for storage in the clear tube provided. The Workstation Kit includes an Axe Mat, Axe Jack™ headstand, and clear storage tube.

Additional new items in the Redland product line up include Axe Time™ clocks and Axe Pads™ mousepads, which make great gift items, and feature the same incredible images as the Axe Mats. Other Redland accessories recently presented at the NAMM Show in Anaheim include a complete line of products for guitar care, including Premium Guitar Cleaner, Guitar Wax, and Lemon Oil Conditioner. All of these products are environmentally safe, and contain no harmful solvents or silicone. Also highlighted were a professional-grade guitar tool kit, and microfiber polishing cloths that feature popular guitar images.

Redland Music Products is a division of Vision International, one of the world’s leading large-format graphic design firms, whose CEO, Tim Fullmer, also happens to be a world-class musician and guitar collector.

For more information contact Redland Music Products at 877-688-7584 or

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