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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Pedalboard for JonesWorld

Performing in JonesWorld is unlike any other band I have ever been in. The group is HUGE: full horn section, multiple percussionists, several guitarists and keyboardists not to mention tons of dancers. Just think of the combination of The Time, P-Funk, The Revolution and Van Halen all on stage at the same time! There is very little room on Limelight's large stage once everyone is in place so keeping a little pedalboard is important.

Here's a look at the board my wife and I share on stage - YES my wife plays guitar on a couple of songs! Since space is of such short supply I've had to modify my normal Pedaltrain setup and move to a smaller Gator Pedaltote with a G-bus powersupply.

Here's the rundown:

George L's patch cables - Easy to create instrument cables at any length and sound AMAZING!

Planet Waves Chromatic Tuner

Keeley Compressor - This four knob version let's you dial in that perfect sweet spot for those funk parts. I also use this for a little sustain during solos.

Mad Professor Snow White Auto Wah - Since I do tend to move around a bit on stage this pedal keeps the funk going so I don't have to be anchored to one place. It also has an incredible amount of control.

ZVEX Box of Metal - Since a lot of the JW songs are heavily influenced by VH type riffage this pedal comes in really handy. I really dig the built-in noise gate.

Keeley Modded Ibanez TS9DX Flexi 4X2 - Keeley modded this pedal for true-bypass as well as put both his "baked" and "mod plus" stamps on it. The pedal has got plenty of gain and rich harmonics to it. For this gig it gives me just the right amount of dirt and is for my not-so-clean rhythm playing.

Mad Professor Mellow Yellow Tremolo - Another killer pedal from MP. The LED pulses in the tempo you dial in. Nice and warm! Great for those retro numbers.

VOX Joe Satriani Time Machine Delay - When a preview of this pedal was released at Winter NAMM I speculated that this would be similar to one of my ALL-TIME favorite Korg delay pedals - and I was right. Tap tempo, 4 delay settings and a switch for lo-fi and hi-fi make this perfect for this gig.

Visual Sound Liquid Chorus - Classic chorus sound in a very road worthy pedal. I use this for more of the "Purple Rain-ish" passages.

Creation Audio Labs MK4.23 Boost - I keep this pedal on the whole time at "0" to make it sound like I'm plugging straight into my amp.

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