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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Boobtone Amplification

If first saw these amps at Winter NAMM 2009 and was intrigued. Not only because of the irreverent name but the sound out of these amps was outrageous! Boobtone amps are Class-A, hand-wired, 10 watt single-ended amps that are warm, responsive and LOUD! I checked them out again at the Nashville Amp Expo and was completely blown away. You will too. Check out their site. I hope to have some video up real soon. Stay tuned!


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  1. Hi,

    Curious if you have any more comments on the boobtone. Hopefully next week I'll have mine. I'm getting a 1x12, redesigned cab. I live about 15 minutes from Steve's shop.


  2. The comments I heard about the Boobtone were very positive. Steve was a very personable gent and everyone at the Nashville Amp Expo were very impressed with the product, including me. I think you'll dig build quality and warm tone. It's also MEGA loud!

  3. Hi Aljon,

    still waiting for the amp...spoke to Steve yesterday..probably in about another week or so. I've played the 2x12's and really love them. I'm getting the first redesigned 1x12..can't wait

  4. Good deal. Feel free to shoot me a link if you decide to do a video demo on YouTube!


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