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Friday, July 17, 2009

The World's Largest Pedalboard Party 2 - The Aftermath!

A sincere heart-felt THANK YOU to everyone who made The World's Largest Pedalboard Party 2 a success! Thanks to the generosity of our event partners we broke last year's World Record Academy total of 142 with 147 total pedals. The venue was packed, the bands were hot, the clinicians shredded, the volunteers rocked and the silent auction made dreams come true for many a guitarist.

The silent auction table was alive with pedals and gear used on The World's Largest Pedalboard. Kristen of Gopher Entertainment Group along with volunteers from the National Kidney Foundation happily went over bid sheets and passed out free t-shirts from Bourns and Peterson Tuners.

The evening started with a bang with former David Lee Roth guitarist Bart Walsh. He and his Gibson Les Paul performed a medley of legendary rock riffs from Journey, Pearl Jam, Metallica and the mighty Van Halen to name a few. Not only did he set his strings ablaze with hot licks and rapid-fire two-hand tapping but he later spoke about how is family was effected by kidney disease.

After a few words from me and our event partners I decided it was time for some door prizes and gave away several Planet Waves S.O.S. tuners! I then turned over the main stage to Nashville's own Philos. They took charge of the stage with their blend rock and pop. In the bar Nashville session player and CoreX2/Bullet Cable clinician Stanton Adcock brought his pedalboard in. Gary "Sarge" Gistinger, president of Creation Audio Labs and his crew along with Visual Sound C.E.O. Bob Weil assisted getting the board ready and sure enough it worked! We broke the World Record we set last year! Stanton then began his clinic talking about cable and tone and demoed how to assemble CoreX2 cables. The world's largest funk mob, JonesWorld, invaded the Rutledge stage soon afterward. With a full horn section, keyboard and go-go dancers they made the audience get up and dance to their original funk-rock songs combining Morris Day with Van Halen! Kristen and I even joined them on stage for a few songs.

Rikk Beatty tore it up doing a demo of DigiTech's new RP1000 multi-effects board. He played songs from his solo record and showed off the RP1000 brilliantly. During that time the band Holy Crap showed off the line of Kramer Guitars. The band then put those new Kramers to the test! They sounded amazing rocking out with tunes that are harken to the sound of Claypool, Fugazi and Spinal Tap!

Tony Pasko (Guitar411/Premier Guitar) spoke about the importance of pedals and accessories demoing a Visual Sound pedalboard donated for use at this event. During this time Mani, local network videographer was capturing the whole event on HD for our YouTube page as well as future marketing. The Rust then followed bringing modern rock to the Music City.

Creation Audio Labs clinician Bryan Lionman spoke about possible "tone suckage" when running long lengths of cables. He then did the unthinkable. He took a regular home improvement store 100" extension cable and A/B'd the use of the Redeemer with great cables and one the very opposite. Point take. Well done CAL! Every guitarist in the room wanted one. I own several and I never leave home with out it!

Once again special thanks to everyone who attendent those who volunteered to work this event!

More pictures, video and reviews coming!

Stay tuned,

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