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Monday, July 27, 2009

JamVOX Review

The fine folks at VOX have quite possibly created the best practice tool ever, the Jam VOX. This speaker and software system works with your PC or Mac and of course, your guitar. Just install the software, plug in your monitor and guitar and BAM! You are on your way to jamming with your favorite band via the included guitar tracks or using your own mp3 files! I call it guitar-aokie!

The interface is easy to use thanks to nice graphic display. Alter your effects chain and access to dozens of legendary amps by dragging and dropping what you want. The revolutionary Guitar XTracktion (GXT) technology lets you remove the guitar part of your favorite song with the push of a button - the "guitar-aokie" aspect. You can extract or isolate the guitar part, slow down the tempo, and practice any style of music without changing the pitch.

Other key features include: Jam-along classic guitar tracks from Hal Lenoard Corporation, tab search feature where you can download tabs (for a nominal fee), pickup config modeling, 19 famous guitar amps and 54 effect units, 100 drum patterns are convenient for practicing or creating riffs, Metronome function is indispensible for serious practice and much more.

For the street price of $250 the JamVOX is quite a deal considering everything you get with it. There are only a couple of things I was not crazy about at the outset. There was a glitch during the initial installation of the software (which has since been corrected), second there is no way to use the software unless the monitor is connected. It would be great to work on crafting your setup as well as import songs, extract guitar parts etc... without having to hook up that monitor. Perhaps VOX will fix this issue with future software updates. It would also be nice to have a headphone version of the interface instead of having to use the monitor, which can be bluky for travelling.

All in all the JamVOX is a great practice tool, if not the best one I have encountered. The whole customizable guitar rig and guitar-aokie is worth the price. Everyone from the student, teacher, pro or novice can get the value out of this package and will use it time and time again. Kudos to VOX and keep the innovation coming!



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