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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

T-Rex SpinDoctor Overdrive Preamp Review

One of the coolest sights on "The World's Largest Pedalboard 2009" was the row of T-Rex SpinDoctor pedals. These pedals caused quite the stir with their HUGE saturated sounds, four programmable channels and motorized chicken-head controls! Perhaps it should have been called the "Robot Distortion" pedal!

The pedal is a breeze to use and program. Just dial in the amount of gain, EQ (3-band) and presence and store it into one of four different "channels" using the "store" button. VERY QUICK and EASY! Recall any of your presets and watch the knobs zip back where you saved them - AMAZING! You can even see exactly where you set your EQ controls!

You can also use the T-Rex SpinDoctor as a complete guitar preamp, plugging it directly into a power amp via the output jack. There is event a speaker-simulator so you can directly into a mixer. You can tweak the sound of your simulated cab and use MIDI to store and create additional presets.

As you can see there are plenty you can do with this pedal. Dial up the rich overtones of SRV, the grunge of Seattle, the heavy squeals of Zakk Wylde or everything in between! The pedal can be found with a street price $599.99 ($799.99 retail). If you are a stickler about your tone this pedal would be something you'd want to add to your board!

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