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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The World's Largest Pedalboard Party 2.0 welcomes new partner Hip Kitty Products!

In an effort to bring the purest, sweetest, but meanest tones to the world, HipKitty Products has been serving the musical community since 1987. With it's committment to top quality, unique products and real customer service, HipKitty Products continues to provide hand-crafted and hand-painted pedals to musicians everywhere. Each pedal is finished to provide it to be a one of a two pedals are exactly the same (even the knob colors can be different).

Component boards in the pedals are hand etched, populated and solderd by us at HipKitty Products. The component boards in our amplifiers are hand populated, soldered and wired in-house as well. Each unit, be it pedal or amplifier, is constructed from start to finish in-house, with the only exception being the amplifier cabinets, which are hand constructed by Lions Den Custom Cabinets. A personal touch is applied to each pedal and amplifier that can rarely be found in today's day and age.


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