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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tweet-o-rama! Analog Stompboxes vs. Digital Multi-effects RESULTS!

So I posed this question to the Twitterverse: What do prefer to gig with? Analog pedals or digital effects? Here were my responses to this week's "Tweet-o-rama!" Thanks for responding! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter!

@NeverAgain_39 - I use Analog pedals. Why? Price and I'm not in a band I just play around on my guitar a lot

@jtsimeone - analog pedals only w tune amp multi effect digital not a natural sound

@jhale667 - What do I gig with, you ask? ;) & a Boogie MK III

@homesickfrank - just a straight signal from the guitar - no efx at all.... except a touch of reverb.

@effectsbay - Analog pedals. Because I like to enhance my existing natural tone. Also, I like the simplicity of stomp boxes

@sarge1875 - Analog

@krisbellmusic - Warmer tone, easier to control, and very dependable.

@iheartguitar - Digital for a while, but went back to pedals because they sound fuller and are more fun to collect.

@brettwall - I use both digital FX and analog pedals when playing. Why? I use the analog to "Warm" up the digital. Tube OD adds tone

@ProTonePedals - Analog- because you can DEPEND on them - ;-) I'm down w/that.

@AbsintheJunk - Analog all the way man. Nothing beats that warm silkiness! Digital may have more tricks but it ain't worth the harshness.

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