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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Earthquaker Devices White Light Overdrive

The White Light Overdrive is my take on what an overdrive should be. Based more in the area of vintage overdrives (like the DOD 250 or MXR Distortion+... and no, it's not a clone of anything) with more control over the voice and a lot more "modern" presence to make it more dynamic. Don't let the lack of tone control turn you off, what you put in is what you get out and you can adjust the low end and saturation to your liking w/ the "Weight" control.

Gain- Controls the amount of distortion

Weight- A multi-functional control, allows the level of saturation, bass response and the over all feel of the device to be altered.

Level- Controls the output

Compression Switch-
• Less= Open w/ more high-mid's and bite.
• More= Crunchy and compressed with a bit less bite and more flat mids.
• True Bypass with LED Indicator
• Standard Boss-Style 9v adapter or battery operation (battery included)
• High Quality parts throughout
• Handmade with care in Akron, Ohio

Street Price $145.00

Twitter @aljonrocks

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