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Thursday, November 19, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Ibanez Tube King Distortion

A regal name in distortion pedals, the Tube King returns to the Ibanez lineup. While the name and purpose of the Ibanez distortion pedal is the same as the original '90s models, this version of Tube King, the TK999HT, differs from its two predecessors in that it features internal high voltage DC circuitry instead of previous "starved plate" low voltage circuitry. Ibanez says that makes a significant difference.

With the TK999HT the 12AX7 gets normal DC high voltage, allowing total linear operation of the tube. It works just like a tube preamp because it effectively is one! The result is that the TK999HT distortion pedal makes any solid-state amp sound like a tube amp. The distortion is massive yet tight.

Ibanez TK999HT Tube King Distortion Pedal Features:
Genuine High Voltage Tube Distortion Pedal
12AX7 Tube
3-Band Active EQ plus Presence Switch for Exacting Tone Control
VOID Control for Sharp Rhythmic Dynamics
Rigid Zinc Die-cast Case
12-Volt AC Adaptor Included
Three Bands of Active EQ (LO/MID/HI)
Presence Switch
VOID (adjustable noise gate - can also used for "machine gun" riff effects favored by metal players.)

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