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Sunday, November 8, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Wampler Pedals Nirvana Chorus

An extremely flexible chorus pedal designed to take you to total nirvana - extreme lushness, nice and watery if you desire, or swirling speaker tones! From phat chorus, leslie type wobble all the way to straight vibrato, the nirvana chorus delivers

Controls include volume, tone, rate, depth, switchable chorus types, and a switch to go to straight vibrato.
The pedal is mono however, as only one output is available.

Street Price $187 USD

Note to fans rom Brian Wampler...
FINALLY the new chorus/vibrato pedal is available! Big, full, phat, and luscious
swirly tones abound... flip a switch and you have instant vibrato as well!

Check it out here:

We are discounting it for the first week so check it out and don't wait if you
are interested because the price WILL be going up shortly...

Brad Paisley and Wampler Pedals
I spoke with Brad Paisley's tech as well this week and overnighted another ego
compressor for Brad to use on the CMA's and Good Morning America this next week.
Chad (Brad's tech) says that Brad is LOVING the ego comp and the delay... and up
until receiving his first ego compressor last month he hasn't really been using
any compressor at all! Chad says he's really loving the pedals and has them in both
the normal stage rigs as well as the gear they use on fly dates...and the ego comp
is left on nearly ALL the time.

Check out Brad on the CMA's next week and on Good Morning America and listen for our pedals!

(Wampler Pedals)

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