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Monday, May 17, 2010

Tone Freq's Daily Pedal: Modulo Lunar

The following demo is "Close Captioned!" This is the official demo of our optical phaser pedal Modulo Lunar.

Fly into all the phaser sounds you can image with the MOD-3. Besides the classic phaser tone, you get fifteen other combinable wave forms.
Includes Tap Tempo and Tap Sync functions.

- Optical analog modulation with Ligth-Dependent-Resistors.
- Classic Mode: traditional phaser tone with hypertriangular wave.
- Special mode: fifteen aditional waveforms, both linear and staircase-like.
- Manual mode: fixed filter with no LFO modulation.
- 4 and 8 phase-shift stages.
- Tap Tempo and Tap Sync functions
- True Bypass
- Blinking two-color LED indicates speed and mode.

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