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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tom Dumont of No Doubt's tour rig 2009

One of my favorite bands, No Doubt have decided to dust off the gear and hit the road this month. Not only are they are a great live band but guitarist Tom Dumont is INCREDIBLE! He is one of my favorite guitarists of the past 10 years and is one I have modeled my playing style and writing after. Tom has kindly put up a blog for all of us gear whores detailing his custom guitars, amps and effects. Check it out for a detailed list of what he's taking on tour this time out as well as No Doubt's shenanigans on the road. Hopefully my wife and I will see them on tour at some point. Apparently they are writing on the road for a new cd to be released early next year. Welcome back Tom and No Doubt, we've missed you!


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