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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Paul Gilbert’s Fireman by Ibanez

Paul Gilbert, a longstanding Ibanez endorser, submitted the plans for his new custom guitar to the Ibanez L.A. Custom Shop in 2007.

For this particular model, Paul took a stock photo of the Ibanez "Iceman" model and turned it upside down using image editing software. He then tweaked the design further, for better playability and balance. This model was to be a radical departure from any of his previous signature models. Soon after Paul received the finished guitar, it quickly made its way on to recordings and stages all over the world. It was originally called the "Reverse Iceman", but soon took on the nickname of "Fireman" due to its opposite nature to the "Iceman".

In 2008, the Paul Gilbert "Fireman" quickly became a hot topic among fans, creating demand for a production version.

In 2009, Ibanez decided to release a limited number of "Fireman" guitars in tribute to Paul's adventurous creation.


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