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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Planet Waves Headstock Tuner

Planet Waves have been leading the way in terms of guitar gizmos and accessories; however they were late in the “clip-tuner” game. Their first entry in the market is a true winner. Clip tuners are a great way to get tuned up backstage before a show or for use for an acoustic singer/songwriter gig. When I use clip tuners at a gig I have to remove it due to the tuner rattling around on stage and looking rather clunky (then I misplace them). The Planet Waves Headstock Tuner’s compact and lightweight design doesn’t make it stand out like a sore thumb when using it on stage. The tuner’s sensitive piezo transducer tuning was accurate (even in a noisy rehearsal room) and thanks to the nice backlit LCD display it was also very easy to read! The clip clamps firmly onto your headstock and I am pretty confident if I were to do some jumps or guitar throws it would remain clinging on the headstock! If you don’t have a headstock tuner yet this would be a great buy. If you already have one and hate how it performs or don’t like how bulky it is this one is a real upgrade.


High points: Compact, easy to read display and accurate
Low points: None


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