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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Visual Sound's Stimulus Pricing

Visual Sound's Stimulus Pricing on Pedals

Visual Sound has announced new lower prices on six models in their V2 Series line of effect pedals. The new pricing will remain in effect until the current economic crisis is over. According to Bob Weil, president of Visual Sound, "We recognize that although all of our pedals are reasonably priced, they're still a bit expensive for a lot of musicians during these difficult times. Now, we are offering four models for under $100, along with all our other V2 Series pedals that are still within reach of most guitar players."

The pedals affected by the stimulus pricing* are:

  • Son of Hyde (distortion) - $99.95
  • Route 808 (overdrive) - $99.95
  • Comp 66 (compression) - $99.95
  • Angry Fuzz (fuzz octave) - $119.95
  • Liquid Chorus (chorus) - $119.95
  • Double Trouble (dual overdrive) - $149.95

In addition, Visual Sound has two brand new models that are also priced to fit the budget:

  • Truetone (clean boost) - $99.95
  • Open Road (overdrive) - $119.95


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