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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Warwick Bootsy Collins Infinity Black Star Signature Bass

The Warwick Bootsy Collins Infinity Signature Bass is as original as Bootsy himself. Bootsy Collins is the legendary bassist who left his mark on the world with James Brown in the ’60s on such classics as “Sex Machine” and started a funky revolution in the ’70s with Parliament and Funkadelic. Now you can bring on the funk just like Bootzilla has for the past four decades. The Warwick Bootsy Collins Infinity Signature Bass is ideally suited to help you realize your own wildest musical dreams — from thundering grooves to cool, funky sounds.

Both Bootsy Collins Signature variants, Black Star and Orange Star, are based on the Warwick Infinity 4-string bass, thus offering the same warm characteristics as the Infinity serial model, which is known for its semi-resonant construction. The combination of a maple neck with an ovangkol body provides a tight and focused tone, while the rosewood fingerboard provides a touch of warmth. Wild, flashy, and funky finishes — available with black stars on the Black Star model and orange stars on the Orange model — capture Bootsy’s personal aesthetic with imaginative appeal. Black and silver flames dash out of the bass’s distinct f-holes and the matching stars on the headstock and fingerboard immediately set this unique Warwick bass apart from all others, especially on stage.

The Warwick Bootsy Collins Infinity Signature Bass is equipped with active MEC Jazzand Twin Jazz-pickups. The MEC 3-band EQ turns this bass into an extremely flexible beast! The bass was designed in cooperation with Bootsy Collins and, like Bootzilla himself, represents the Funk genre like nobody’s business.

Body made of Maple (front side) and Ovangkol (back side)
Maple neck, neck through
Available only as 4-string right-handed model
Rosewood fingerboard, 24 frets
Matched headstock with Bootsy portrait
Bootsy Collins star fingerboard inlays
active MEC TJ/J pickups
active MEC 3-band electronics
Silver Metal Flake finish with black or orange airbrush design
Original Warwick hardware, chrome
Dome speed knobs with star inlay
Bootsy Collins signature on the truss rod cover
Individually issued certificate of originality

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