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Monday, December 21, 2009

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: Rocktron Reaction Digital Delay

Are you searching for a Digital Delay stomp box that delivers great sound and outperforms the competitors when it comes to sonic quality? Pick up the Rocktron Reaction Digital Delay and surprise everyone, including yourself!

Rocktron’s Reaction Series pedals are built into a rugged metal slim form factor chassis, taking up as little space as possible on your pedalboard. The Reaction Digital Delay is a TRUE BYPASS pedal: when you turn it off…it is out of your signal path!

The Reaction Digital Delay has all the smooth full bodied tone you expect in a delay pedal. If you are a rocker, we’ve got your back! Just set the Reaction Digital Delay mode to Extended, then turn the Time control to find that classic rock phrasing echo. Country pickers or Rockabilly jammers, set the Reaction Digital Delay mode to Quick and dial up your favorite slapback!

Visit the Rocktron website for more info on our Reaction Series!

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