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Sunday, December 27, 2009

REVIEW: Epiphone's 1966 Wilshire

Epiphone does it again with this killer '66 Reissue Wilshire! This guitar has great retro styling at an unbelievable price. As soon as you pick it up it feels like an old friend with the worn satin finish. The 60's neck is super fast and is really well balanced when sitting or standing. The mini-humbuckers deliver that New York-style sound you would come to expect from the original Epiphone US-made humbuckers. It really does sing through a tube amp with the right amount of chime and clarity. Add a bit of overdrive and the guitar has a nice breathy sound, like a P-90 but without the hum. Overall the new Wilshire looks and sounds like a vintage guitar without the vintage price. For most guitarists who follow this blog you would do yourself right by adding this guitar to your arsenal!

Epiphone - Worn 1966 Wilshire from Epiphone Company on Vimeo.

Like an SG guitar, the Wilshire's double cutaway Mahogany body with a glued-in Mahogany neck that joins the body at the 22nd fret gives you ultimate upper fret access. Lightweight and comfortable, the Wilshire has excellent resonance and natural acoustic tone - even unplugged! Featuring Epiphone's LockTone tune-o-matic/stopbar combination, the transfer of string vibration is improved even more giving this guitar excellent sustain and clarity. But here's what separates the Wilshire from the SG. Most early Epiphone guitars including the Wilshire were equipped with mini-humbucking pickups and Epiphone carries on this tradition. With its smaller size, narrow magnetic field and unique design combination, the mini-humbucker produces bright and focused output while retaining famous humbucker "hum-free" performance. A replica of the originals, they feature adjustable pole pieces, enamel wire, bar ceramic magnets and rounded nickel plated covers set in an original style black mounting ring with height adjustment screws.


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  1. I hope that reference wasn't confusing mini-humbuckers (a Gibson pickup) with Epiphone's original single-coil 'New York' pickups...

  2. Epiphone's New York Humbuckers ARE Mini-humbucking pickups. They are voiced different, as I mentioned but they are humbucking pickups nonetheless.

    Check out the specs here:


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