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Monday, August 3, 2009

HipKitty Chameleon Boost/Distortion

The HipKitty Chameleon Boost was originally designed as a clean boost for an artist that wanted to keep his Marshall tone intact. The result is a wicked clean boost with more versatility than an alley cat. The Chameleon also acts as a medium gain distortion pedal with rich, creamy gain and no shrill notes or flubby bottom end. Hipkitty added a unique feature to the Chameleon. Aside from Distortion and Volume, the Harmonics control lets you dial in 2nd and 3rd order harmonics for full, rich tone and unbeatable clarity in a distortion pedal. The HipKitty Chameleon Boost / Distortion Pedal, its what youve been waiting for.
HipKitty Chameleon Boost / Distortion Pedal Features: * True Bypass * Harmonic Blend control * Boost or distortion functionality * 9vdc operation (or battery)

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