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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Mike Johnson


Mike Johnson, a jazz artist and a native of Nashville, TN, has a passion for the art of music. His early exposure to the guitar ignited his desire to play and perform music. With an ear for good music and a quest for his own originality, he describes himself as a “Guitartist” - a multi–talented artist who composes, arranges, produces and performs his own original music.

Some people may categorize his music as smooth jazz or soul, but Mike doesn’t want to put a limit to the unlimited span of his music creativity. With influences ranging from Quincy Jones, Carlos Santana, George Benson and Herbie Hancock, Alternative Jazz would be the best label for his imaginative style. With tracks like “UGH”, you can hear the Rock ‘n’ Roll, Carlos Santana-esque guitar play flavor. Songs such as “Recently”, “Promises”, and “Smack Dab”, you can hear various other influences that can take you away to a new place for reflection and inspiration.

Mike Johnson is foremost a musician and producer, but his love for the creative arts has allowed him to broaden his horizon to film production. He uses this gift and passion for art to produce music and film that evokes emotion and awareness of life experiences. Mike can open eyes of the masses with his inspiring and creative style of music. Once you listen to the captivating rhythms of his music, you will share his emotion that permeates in every guitar riff and lick he plays.


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  1. Yo have a really awesome guitar blog here!!! I am so very appreciative for the's an honor!!! I have spent so many hours checking out your much relevant information..."Awesome".

    Thanks Again, Mike


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