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Saturday, February 27, 2010

ToneFreq's Daily Pedal: ZVex Inventobox

Zachary Vex of Z. Vex shows Sound Pure all about the Inventobox Pedal in this in-depth overview video. Get your order in with us now! He shows-off this brilliant design which allows an open-ended framework for combining his own pedals into the box, as well as completely new pedal and circuit designs, in a very user friendly way. It is the new "open-source" concept of Guitar and Bass Effect Pedal design, and for certain is the first of its kind ever to hit the street. He explains that a selling price of $399 gets you the Inventobox kit that contains a pedal with a blank circuit board, all of the wires and tools and spare parts to get going, as well as a complete set of modules that reproduce three of his famous signature ZVex tones, including the Fuzz Factory, Super Hard-On, and his take on the Marshall tone stack, with Bass, Mid, and Treble tone controls. For only $299 you get the blank kit, with the tools, wires, and spare parts, but none of the circuits. It's a brilliant and unique concept that is certain to shake things up in the pedal world.

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  2. Jasa,
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