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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Eddie Van Halen accepts “Guitar God” award and my thoughts

I, like many of you reading this guitar blog, grew up watching and being inspired by Edward Van Halen. He had the coolest guitar tone - the "brown sound" not to mention a wicked looking guitar and a hot wife to boot! Growing up I often played along with my VH record collection emulating my guitar hero wishing there was some magic "guitar pill" I could take to be just as good as him! Now, many years later I still get goose bumps hearing him play. It's a religions experience watching him dazzle audiences with his technique and showmanship - a lesson most guitar players of today lack. Do yourself a favor and listen to "Van Halen 1" and hear the passion in every note. I have often wished what it would be like to meet my guitar hero. Now that he is sober I hope to one day get him to sign my Kramer and Wolfgang. Cheers and congratulations to EVH - my guitar hero.

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