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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sonic Edge Introduces Fluffer and FXUL8R - Premier Guitar

Sonic Edge Introduces Fluffer and FXUL8R - Premier Guitar: "
Sacramento, CA (November 30, 2011) -- Sonic Edge announced today the introduction of two new guitar effect pedals, the Fluffer and the FXUL8R.

Sonic Edge’s Fluffer pedal is a unique isolation pedal board buffer that the company recommends for any player who uses multiple pedals in their setup. The Fluffer is designed to reduce the loading effect caused by stacking multiple FX pedals between a guitar and an amplifier. This unwanted loading effect causes loss of signal, high-end frequency reduction and an overall unpleasant “muddy” sound that negatively impacts a player’s tone. “The Fluffer is a simple add-on and a must for today’s players, especially those that strive to retain their natural tone, while utilizing multiple effects”, says Ben Fargen, Co-Founder of Sonic Edge. “We’re excited to launch our third pedal in the Sonic Edge line.”"

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